Uchee Pines Institute-Lifestyle Wellness Center

30 Uchee Pines Rd., Seale, AL 36875

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Nestled in 200 acres of east central Alabama pine land sits Uchee Pines Institute. Long ago, the land was home to the Yuchi Indians, a peace loving, gentle, agrarian tribe. The Yuchi Indians have moved on but the pine forests, the rolling hills, and the quiet remain. Uchee Pines was founded in 1970 by Doctors Agatha and Calvin Thrash to emphasize prevention and cure of disease through natural means. God had given these doctors of pathology and internal medicine, a vision of demonstrating the true power of healing from the Great Physician through simple natural remedies. Their knowledge of the devastation caused by disease provided a powerful incentive for the establishment of a retreat in the country surrounded by flowers and trees, orchards and vegetables, where all the advantages of God's remedies could be obtained. The highly trained staff of physicians, trained in conventional medicine and complementary natural healing, assisted by Lifestyle Counselors, treats guests using lifestyle modification techni

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