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The infamous question every plant eater has been asked at least once before: where do you get your...

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Rooting for Potatoes — Guidance on Potato Nutrition

When it comes to potatoes, there are several types available...

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Refined Sugar – Not So Sweet for Your Health
An increasing emphasis has been put on reducing consumption of refined sugars. In fact, the revised Nutrition Facts label now...

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Isn't Being Vegan Expensive?

If you're a Vegan, you have probably been asked the question,...

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Why the Future is Bright for Veganism
The momentum behind the vegan movement has reached record highs in recent years, but many may still be wondering whether this momentum will last. When you take into context the fact that vegetarian and...

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How to Prepare for a Weekend with Friends (For New Vegans)
Make up your Mind! This lifestyle is all fun and games when preparing your own food at home. However, when out and about, especially surrounded by your non-vegan friends, sticking to this diet takes some...

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